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Healthy Under-hijab - White

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Healthy Under-hijab - White

In stock

Our Under-hijab is essential for projecting your hair and keeping it healthy.

The satin interior keeps hair healthy by keeping it hydrated.  There will be more absorption from the hair care as well as the friction which causes a lot of damage to the hair.

The soft cotton jersey exterior keeps the hijab or turban in place.  Forget the slipping of your hijabs, our Under-hijab 2.0 ASSURES!

You can adjust this Sub-hijab to your liking.  The back of this under-hijab, very stretchy, can contain fuller hair and Volumizing scrunchies.

 Healthy hair starts here!


 • 21.5 cm x 28 cm

 • Exterior: 100% cotton jersey

 • Interior: 100% Satin

 • The solution for dry hair

 • Prevents damage to hair

 • Keep your hair soft

 • Keep your hair hydrated

 • Opaque

 • Flexible

Fabric care:

Hand or machine wash on delicate cycle with only other like colors. Tumble dry.